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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I receive credit for this course?

    Yes, this is a 3-credit elective.

  2. Do I have to be a Criminal Justice Major?

    No, the course is designed to include both criminal justice majors and majors from many other disciplines. If you are outside of the Criminal Justice department, you should check with your chair to determine whether it will qualify as an elective.

  3. How do I register for the Inside-Out course?

    The first step is to fill out and submit the application. Inside-Out faculty members and LeCI officials will then interview applicants. The Interview Panel will invite as many as 15 Xavier students to participate in the class. Those students choosing to be involved will have a guaranteed seat in the class and will be allowed to register for it in the same way that they register for other courses.

  4. Where are the prisons located?

    Lebanon Correctional (LeCI) and Warren Correctional (WCI) are located approximately 25 miles north of Cincinnati just off of Interstate 75.  You can learn more about them at www.drc.ohio.gov

  5. How do students get to the prison?

    Students are responsible for finding their own transportation to and from class. Typically, students carpool. This is encouraged as it provides time for students to discuss what takes place within the classroom their colleagues.

  6. Is there anything dangerous about going inside the prison?

    Student safety is the bottom line. This program was designed and created to keep students as safe as possible. While it is important to always remain cognizant of the prison setting, students are carefully monitored at all times by the instructor, security cameras and security staff.

  7. Will there be any contact between the incarcerated and Xavier students outside the classroom?

    NO. One of the policies of I-O is that the entire semester is conducted with semi-anonymity (first names only) and that each student enrolled in the class agrees (in writing) that s/he will not attempt to learn more about and/or contact someone else in the class. Any student who attempts to make outside contact or learn another student’s personal information is immediately removed from the class.

  8. What level of prison are Lebanon Correctional and Warren Correctional and what are some of the reasons men are there?

    There are 32 state prisons in Ohio, each with a level between one and five (five being the highest). Lebanon Correctional (LeCI) is a Level 3, closed-security facility with nearly 2,500 men inside.  Warren Correctional is also a Level 3, with 1,500 men.  There are only three prisons in the state with higher security.

    The men at LeCI have all been incarcerated for felonies that include all types of criminal activity including aggravated assault, drug trafficking, robbery, rape and murder.

  9. How are the incarcerated students picked? 

    The men at LeCI and WCI go through the same screening process as Xavier students. They fill out a similar application and are interviewed by the same panel. The intention of the instructors is to choose a mix of students (race, socioeconomic, opinions, criminal history, education, etc.) to ensure class discussion is enriched by varying viewpoints.

  10. I was arrested for something in the past. Does that preclude me from being in this class?

    Not necessarily. It is important to disclose any past arrests on the application form so the prison and university can make an informed decision when selecting the class participants. All students undergo a background check. 

  11. What have past students said about this class?

    This class is unlike any other offered at Xavier University. Former student repeatedly state that the course is among the most significant experiences they have while at Xavier. 

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  12. Does this course exemplify the Jesuit mission of Xavier University?

    Father Graham notes that Xavier University places “great emphasis on the spiritual development of our students, particularly of our undergraduate students. Our many opportunities for service and our outreach programs enhance and complete the educational enterprise here, for it is through such opportunities that students learn that the education they receive here finds its ultimate value in the service to those around them, and especially to the poor.” The Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program introduces Xavier students to the lowest members and outcasts of our community where they find the ultimate value of their education.



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